Rogue Stream Installation

Completed Installation at Rockelmann &

A detail of the installation

Origin Stream – this is the site of reference for the installation

A sincere and great Thank You to the following for their generous support of my installation “Rogue Stream”:

Diane Aycock , Julia Whitney Barnes, Tracy Causey-Jeffery, Alexander Donath, Andru Eron, Gitana Rosa, Elizabeth Hansen, Jessica Hargreaves, Randall Harris, Kim Holleman, Lisa Kim, Michael Kuhn, Pierre LeBlanc, Sascha Mallon, Stephen Mallon, Karen Marston, Domhnall O’Donnchadha, Melissa Pokorny, Walpurka, Katerina Lanfranco, Ellen Rand, Rodger Stevens, Yoko Stilwell, Alexandra Rockelmann, Elise Tak, Erik Ulrich, Joanne Ungar, Petra Gupta Valentova, John and Kathleen Vance, Monika Wuhrer and Joyce Yamada.

Without their support this project would not be realized.

A special thanks to Rockelmann & for hosting this exhibition.